6 of the Best Kitchen & Bathroom Trends in 2024

6 of the Best Kitchen & Bathroom Trends in 2024

Bathroom and kitchen design play pivotal roles in the overall functionality, comfort, and aesthetic appeal of a home. Designing these areas involves various aspects, and staying aware of current trends ensures you create a fresh and contemporary space that stands the test of time. In a recent report by Fixr.com, leading interior design experts have revealed the kitchen and bathroom trends that will emerge in 2024.

Top Kitchen Trends

1. Multi-functional islands

A major trend highlighted by 34% of professionals in 2024 is the rise of multi-functional islands. The multi-functional island is a fantastic way to enhance the entire kitchen area, seamlessly connecting the interior spaces and enhancing the usability of the entire living area. These islands integrate various features, typically including a sink, cooktop, and storage compartments, alongside providing seating space. While the installation cost for a kitchen island can be fairly high, the added functionality and aesthetic appeal make it a worthwhile investment for many homeowners.

2. Stone slab backsplashes

According to 30% of design experts, stone slab backsplashes are poised to dominate the kitchen scene this year. These backsplashes offer numerous advantages, such as effortless cleaning, durability, and resistance to heat. Stone slabs such as Nero Caressi marble offer a luxurious style, making it a worthwhile investment for many homeowners. Stone is also flexible with many different styles and finishes, meaning it should tie in well with most kitchens.

3. Mixing different materials

Just like 2023 trends, 62% of experts say mixing materials continues to be a top trend in kitchen design in 2024. This reflects a shift towards embracing a balance of classic and contemporary elements within kitchen spaces. Different materials allow homeowners to create visually interesting kitchens that blend different styles. For example, you can choose from an array of different tiles, countertop materials, and hardware finishes, to achieve the look you desire.


Top Bathroom Trends

1. Spa-like design

56% of experts share that bathrooms offering a spa-like ambiance will dominate trends this year. Designing a bathroom with a spa-inspired look and feel allows individuals to experience a sense of escapism. Designers recommend incorporating natural materials, colors, and features to achieve this atmosphere. Marble Dolomita, for example, is a natural stone with a warm soothing color that can help create the right feel. Self-care amenities such as towel warmers and open shelving for displaying rolled towels and accessories contribute to the feeling of having your own luxurious, hotel-like bathroom.


2. Organic design

There are many ways to create an organic-style bathroom. Integrating organic design elements is identified as one of the top bathroom trends for 2024 by 49% of professionals. Incorporating materials such as wood and linen, along with a palette of cream and beige hues, enhances the natural and calming feel of the space and complements the trend of creating a spa-like ambiance.


3. Creative tiles

According to 38% of experienced designers, creative tiles are anticipated to trend this year. These versatile tiles provide homeowners with the freedom to incorporate as much or as little of this design element as they desire. The choices encompass mosaic tiles, patterned ceramic tiles, or textured tiles, such as CC textures for example.


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17 May, 2024