Inspirational Ways to Incorporate Tile in Your Home

Inspirational Ways to Incorporate Tile in Your Home

Whether you’re looking to spruce up a small bathroom or renovate an entire ground level, tile flooring is the most aesthetically and functionally versatile material available. Of course, with nearly infinite ways to incorporate it into a renovation, knowing what will suit your project best can be overwhelming. With that in mind, here are some of our most inspired ways to liven up your living space with tile flooring.

Accent A Wall

Just because it’s called floor tile doesn’t mean it needs to remain on the floor. In fact, one of the most impressive and dynamic ways to include floor tiles in your home is by building them into a wall that stands apart from other designs in the house. For the biggest effect, consider choosing a wall in an area that is high traffic and most prominent. Then, match accent colors and patterning to other decor items around the wall. 

Though there is no law about which sizes and shapes of floor tile are best for an accent wall, a rule of thumb is that smaller tiles tend to work best in smaller areas. 

Bathroom with blue and gray glossy and matte porcelain tile

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Put in a Backsplash

Not looking to dedicate an entire wall? No problem. A kitchen backsplash is both a smart and subtle method of involving tiling without overreaching. And it's the perfect way to complete that kitchen that feels slightly incomplete. 

If you’re the traditional type, go with a glass mosaic of uniform tiles. If you’re looking to get outside the box you can mix different colors, shapes, and sizes and orient them at unique angles. By doing so, you can add a modern flair to just about any kitchen.

Kitchen counter with white lantern ceramic wall tile

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Line a Hallway or Entryway

Kitchens and bathrooms are the typical locations for tile flooring, so by choosing other rooms to incorporate them into, you’re making quite a statement. 

For example, an elegant crosshatched design inlaid at an entryway will make a unique first impression on guests and visitors. Likewise, the right patterning and design placed in a corridor can enliven a small space and make throughways around your house as ornate and captivating as anything else in it.

bedroom with wood look floor porcelain tile

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Bring It Outdoors

Tile Flooring is ideal for just about anywhere indoors, but that’s not all. Whether porcelain, sandstone, concrete, or anything else, it makes a great choice for the spaces outside and around your home, too. You can include flooring tile in outdoor areas by:

outdoor area with porcelain floor tile
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You Dream It, Roca Tile USA Achieves It

For over 100 years, Roca Tile USA has been helping homeowners turn their homes into works of art. Our high quality, environmentally friendly porcelain products are ideal for both indoor and outdoor installation. 

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17 Dec, 2021