New at Roca Tile USA: Architectural Tile

New at Roca Tile USA: Architectural Tile

At Roca Tile, we embraced our share of architectural tile trends in the past year; we have the New Products at Roca Tile USA for 2022 to prove it. This year, the industry is mostly focused in producing sustainable tiles with a movement towards warmer palettes. Every year, at Roca Tile USA we work in offering the perfect tile for builders, architects, and designers to translate the current trends. Here are the architectural tile additions for 2023:

Handmade Look Architectural Tile

If you are looking for a small architectural tile, our Artesano series can be an option. Handmade look tiles inspire Artesano. Features a broader offer of neutral colors, it is perfect for adding a touch of luxury to any room. Artesano provides a timeless look in every space where it is placed. This beautiful collection is available in a 3”x12” format in a matte and bright finish. kitchen with handmade look ceramic wall tile Feathers is also a new handmade series but with a twist. Delight in the beauty of nature with this one-of-a-kind tile. With their organic shape and subtle colors, Feathers add a touch of Zen wherever it’s placed. Mix and match them to create your own unique look. Available in five shades in a 3”x12” format. room with solid green and blue ceramic wall tile Handmade tiles add a unique touch to any room through movement and variation within its pieces.

Architectural Tile in New Colors: Color Splash

This year we are coming with new and fresh colors. The new additions to our Color Collection include neutral shades such as Neu Gray, Petrol, Teal, Mist, and Sage Green. In those same shades also came CC Cosmos and CC Frames. With a highly special effect, CC Cosmos is skillfully crafted with its intricate carving effect to provide maximum visual appeal. It can create a bold statement in every space with this dynamic yet sophisticated tile option. Frames, is inspired by a unique shape with a range of classic colors to perfectly match your decor. This refined collection is perfect for showcasing your space. With its simple yet stylish design, Frames Series is a great way to add a design statement. The possibilities are endless when you mix and match these collections.

Marble and Stone Look Architectural Tiles

The long awaited Lithology Edition in finally here! If you are looking for a bigger format the marble and stone look architectural tiles are available in a 12”x24” format, in neutral color palettes. These series are ideal to create minimalist spaces. With a soft carving effect and a low relief that will add dimension to any space. Go with marble or stone looks to achieve that classic style. roomscenes with marble and stone look porcelain tiles If you are looking for an outdoor option of architectural tile, the new additions to our Pavers collection can be the way to go. These twenty mm thick, porcelain tiles surpass the high performance, functionality and aesthetics of natural materials used in flooring, which enables their use in exterior environments and high transit areas. Pavers are an amazing option since they have full resistance at high traffic areas. This year, we are introducing four new shades of gray in a 24”x24” format. outdoor space with pavers These were just some of the collections released recently and additions to our existing collections; stay tuned for the ones coming later this year. Always making sure to follow the trends to deliver the ideal architectural tiles. Contact our sales team or visit any of our locations to discover the new options we offer to transform your rooms with architectural tile. Already chose the prefect collection? You can check the availability via the CHECK STOCK tab in our website. 

02 Feb, 2023