LVP floors can be installed using several methods, depending on the type of product.

Here are some common installation methods:

Click-lock Installation:

Some luxury vinyl plank floors feature a click-lock system that allows the planks to be securely snapped together without adhesive. This method offers additional locking mechanisms for a tighter fit. Click-lock installation is fast and easy and provides a strong, stable result. UNILIN Locking system. Angle / Angle

Glue-down Installation:

Some luxury vinyl plank floors require adhesive to be applied to the subfloor before the planks are installed. This method provides a more permanent installation and may be preferred in areas with heavy foot traffic or moisture concerns. It can be more challenging and time-consuming than floating click installation, but it offers a more stable and secure result.

Regardless of the installation method you choose, it is important to prepare the subfloor properly before installing luxury vinyl plank floors. This may involve cleaning, leveling, and priming the subfloor to ensure a smooth and stable surface for installation.

Click here to download full installation instructions.



Low maintenance and easy cleaning are two of the key advantages of having Evolux on your floors. After installation, you should not clean the area or move furniture into it until the adhesive has completely dried.

Take these easy daily cleaning procedures to maintain the best-looking floor:

Think about the following advice to maintain the best possible condition for your LVT flooring:

  1. Lift Furniture Entirely: Always raise heavy furniture completely off the ground when moving it. Your LVT flooring may get dents and scratches from dragging furniture.
  2. Make Use of Furniture Pads Underneath the legs of heavy furniture such as tables and chairs, place felt protection or furniture pads. By preventing furniture from coming into close touch with the floor, these pads lower the possibility of damage.
  3. Area Rugs and Mats: Place area rugs or mats in places that get a lot of foot traffic. They serve as a buffer, preventing furniture movement and foot activity from scratching and scuffing your LVT.
  4. Clip Pet Nails: Make sure your pets' nails are kept neat and tidy. The surface of LVT flooring might get scratches from puppy claws.
  5. Steer clear of abrasive cleaners: Sturdy substances and abrasive cleaning equipment can damage LVT. For routine maintenance, use soft towels and mild cleaning solutions. Maintaining the longevity and beauty of your premium vinyl flooring just requires a small amount of maintenance!


Product Format Residential Commercial
Lotus 12mil Gluedoown Limited Lifetime 10 years
Lotus + 20mil Gluedoown Limited Lifetime 15 years
Powell 20mil Gluedoown Limited Lifetime 15 years
Fume 12mil SPC – floating/click Limited Lifetime 10 years
Iris 20mil SPC – floating/click Limited Lifetime 15 years
Apres 20mil Premium EIR – SPC – floating/click Limited Lifetime 15 years


Manufacturing Defects: EvoLux Floors ensures that the floating click product will be free from any manufacturing defects during the period of this warranty Wear: EvoLux Floors ensures that during the period of the warranty, wear due to normal foot traffic will not change the visual aspects of the product