Ceramic Wall

Our Dimensions collection is the perfect addition to any room. Create a fun and inspiring environment with the unique hexagonal and square shapes offered in bright white and matte white. These original tiles bring about a sort of depth and character into any kind of space.

Quasar Bright White

6"x7" Hexagon

Quasar Matte White

6"x7" Hexagon

Block Matte White

6"x6" Square

Block Matte Black

6"x6" Square

Installation Recommendations:

The installation should follow the same procedures used for regular wall tile. However, the only additional requirement specifically for this product is that the installer must fill up all the back of the tile with the mortar, avoiding any hollow space. The minimum grout joint is 1.5 mm

Title DCOF Tile Thickness Download
Dimensions Quasar - 7 mm icon pdf
Dimensions Block - 34 mm icon pdf