Trends From Cersaie 2022

Trends From Cersaie 2022

Cersaie is the international exhibition of ceramic tile and bathroom furnishings that took place from September 26 to September 30 in Bologna, Italy. This tile expo offers the kind of visuals that design lovers get excited about. The advances on display this year were breathtaking and a total game-changer. Let us discuss the multiple new features and trends introduced at Cersaie 2022.

Sustainability: Important Theme in Cersaie 2022

For quite some time now, the tile industry has been sustainable and has tried to educate architects and designers, as well as consumers to help them make better-informed decisions when choosing their tiles. At Cersaie 2022, we presented The New Standard, a concept that encompasses the new parameters that will govern the company's activity and its range of ceramic products. Our goal is to create value with specialization, with the manufacture of a selection of exceptional products, designed to bring benefits to current and future customers. cersaie banner the new standard Now, let us talk about a couple of design trends seen at our booth in Cersaie 2022.

High Impact Terrazzo in Cersaie 2022

In 2022, the world of home design is all about terrazzo look tiles. This comes as no surprise, given that it has been a popular choice for both homeowners and designers since its origins in the 1940s. The beauty of this stone is incomparable to any other flooring options available on the market today. Besides, with new advances in manufacturing techniques, it is even more durable than before! Terrazzo look tiles come in a variety of colors and patterns, which makes them perfect for any style you might be thinking about. If you believe Terrazzo look tiles are what you need on your next project, our Pigment series, showcased in Cersaie 2022, is the perfect option. pigment series cersaie 2022

Going Green with Colors of the Year in Cersaie 2022

Green tones convey a sense of calm, making this a natural choice for people to use in their homes. Go with the colors of the year: Minwax Gentle Olive, Benjamin Moore October Mist, Rust-Oleum Satin Hunt Club Green, and Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog. Shades of green, from the stunning shades of the latest Paint Colors of the Year. Rich light and dark greens with silver undertones are replacing blues as the most popular color for interior design. Expect to see greens transforming spaces in the remaining of 2022. This very versatile color works well in living rooms, kitchens, dining areas, and bathrooms. Our booth at Cersaie 2022 exposed the Topazio from our Slabs series. Topazio is inspired by the Verde Rajast├ín marble, this tile reproduces all the nuances and variations of the natural stone. The naturalness of the rock is reinforced by the wide format of the pieces, which can be applied with almost imperceptible joints. topazio slabs cersaie 2022 This is just a glimpse of all the series we exposed at Cersaie 2022. If you did not have the opportunity to visit our booth at this amazing tile expo, check out our social media or this virtual tour to discover the Roca Tile #NewStandard. Contact us or visit any of our locations for more information.

21 Oct, 2022